Affiliate Steps to Re-Affiliation

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STEP 1: Submit Affiliate Board Resolution Indicating Your Affiliate's Intent to Proceed with the Standards of Excellence (SOE) Requirements

NAMI WI will upload these for each affiliate to your Profile Center account.

STEP 2: Assemble Your SOE Project Lead and Team & Connect with Your State Office

A: Determining a SOE Project Lead

The SOE Project Lead will serve as the liaison between the affiliate and your state office contacts – Kyira Hauer & Julianne Carbin. This individual should be someone in a leadership position who is deeply involved with affiliate operations.

Additional responsibilities of the project lead might include the following:

  • Assembling an affiliate team to work toward satisfying the NAMI Standards of Excellence
  • Organizing team phone calls and meetings, as needed
  • Keeping your affiliate team apprised of updates
  • Delegating related tasks appropriately
  • Tracking your affiliate's progress throughout the process
  • Completing and returning the Affiliate Self-Assessment Questionnaire & Resolution
  • Overseeing the eventual uploading of affiliate documents onto the NAMI Profile Center

We recommend that affiliate presidents serve as the project lead; however, in cases in which affiliates have executive directors or other paid staff, you may wish to delegate another individual as the SOE project lead. Please let Kyira know as soon as possible who you plan to have serve in this role. We believe working with a designated person will foster clear communication and successful completion of Standards of Excellence.

B: Individualizing Your Project Lead Layout

Although the Standards of Excellence initiative is taking place nationwide, every local affiliate can determine which approach best suits their current situation. Some affiliates may find it best to assemble an entire team of people specializing in different areas; others may find it best to designate one individual to oversee the entire process. In some cases, you may wish to assign someone to the task of collecting and submitting required documentation; others may choose to delegate this as a group project.

NAMI Wisconsin will be providing support along the way, with various topics highlighted throughout the year following our recommended order/process. Your affiliate can choose to follow along in the same order or it can proceed at its own pace. The endpoint is the same for everyone, but how you get there is entirely up to you.

C: NAMI Wisconsin SOE Coordinators

Kyira Hauer (Primary Contact)
Associate Director

Julianne Carbin (Secondary Contact)
Executive Director

STEP 3: Assess Your Affiliate

A: Complete Annual Affiliate Survey
  • Complete the Annual Affiliate Survey sent directly to your affiliate contact by Kyira Hauer by 2/15/20XX. [Note: Each of you should have completed one as of 4/1/2014. Please email Kyira if you do not have a copy in your records.] This survey is a key tool to help in the initial re-affiliation process (i.e. data collection and providing the state office with relevant information for later steps of the process). A blank survey can be accessed in the "Resources" tab under Administration.
  • Re-Affiliation Resources/Links

STEP 4: Determine Your Affiliate's Operating Model

A: Review State Approved Operating Model
  • Review the state approved Operating Models for NAMI Affiliates to determine in which category your affiliate fits and how you would like to move forward with regards to re-affiliation and the endorsement process. [Note: Most affiliates will be following model A. If you are looking to explore model B in a bit more depth, please contact Kyira directly.
  • Operating Model for NAMI Wisconsin Affiliates
B: Questions to Consider
  • What are the benefits and challenges of each of these options for us?
  • What is the best legal and organizational structure for our affiliate? Should we…
    • Operate as an independent and incorporated organization and have IRS determination as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization?
    • Operate under the protective IRS and legal umbrella of another incorporated NAMI Affiliate in our state?
    • Operate as a NAMI support group program of our NAMI State Organization or another NAMI Affiliate?
    • Merge with another NAMI Affiliate to build a stronger presence in our region?
      • Interested in merging? Contact Kyira!
        • Topics to discuss include the following points:
          • What affiliates are looking at the possibility of merging and in what capacity?
          • What happens to my affiliate if we merge? How does our identity and presence change?
          • How will we, as merged affiliates, organize ourselves?
            • Rename as one area/section or keep one of the NAMI names as main?
            • When does each make sense? Keep one main if merging under the umbrella? Or create a new, sectional name if all smaller/developing and merging to create the larger entity?
          • Who will be responsible for filing all required documentation and in what capacity?
          • In what ways do we function as one larger affiliate? In what ways can we remain unique in our own work and community outreach?
            • How will our bylaws be written?
            • What does it mean for your requirements – i.e. insurance, signature programs, etc?
          • What would be our outlined structure (break apart between an umbrella and all smaller, merged affiliates)


STEP 5: Schedule and Complete Your Pre-Affiliation Meeting by the End of 2014.

This can be done with Kyira via phone or in person depending on timeline and travel opportunities. If you are in need of scheduling your pre-affiliation meeting, contact Kyira directly.

A: Pre-Affiliation Meeting Preparation Questions

General Questions

  • How comfortable are you using a computer and more specifically accessing email, any social media sites for your affiliate, searching the web and working in the profile center? Please note: Profile center training may not yet be complete for your affiliate and as such will not be a major discussion point during the pre-affiliation meeting.
  • Do you have one general email as of this time?
  • Who will be the person in charge of being sure people are adequately trained and who will be using these systems in your affiliation?
  • What other technical assistance do you need from us?
  • What additional training do you require? Financial? General Office? Membership? Anything else? And how can the state office help you in obtaining that?
  • Expectation is that someone from each affiliate will be attending various trainings including program training, profile center training and standards of excellence.

Programs Questions

  • What signature programs do you currently offer?
  • What is the balance between the family and consumer programs?

Membership Questions

  • Current numbers including lapses from the last year?
  • What's worked in the past to generate new members?
  • Ideas to gain other members or spread the word?
  • Is there a budget allotted to this that can be worked with?
  • Who enters your memberships and how often?
  • Who is 360 trained?

Other Questions

  • What else could your affiliate use additional support with?

STEP 6: Complete Profile Center Training

A. Who Should be Trained?
Anyone who will be working in the profile center submitting documents or required shared and secure metrics. You can elect to have a team of trained people with access or limit it to one person, such as your SOE lead.
B. Profile Center Resources
C: How Do I Get Trained?

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STEP 7: Complete Required Documentation

This training is required of each affiliate. Subsequently you must complete all requirements of and shared in the training in order for Kyira to approve your access through NAMI national.

STEP 8: Upload Documentation to the Profile Center for Review

It is important that you have been working with Kyira and the state office prior to uploading documentation to ensure it is correct and approved prior to upload. This will significantly reduce the time commitment and complexity of the process.

STEP 9: Complete the Approval Process for Re-Affiliation

STEP 10: Celebrate! You Completed the Re-Affiliation Process!

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