Programs & Membership

[ Re-Affiliation Required Documentation ]

Programs – NAMI Signature Programs
Programs – Other Programs – Materials, Promotion
Membership – Application – Print & Electronic

Programs NAMI Signature Programs

Affiliates are required to offer a minimum of 2 signature programs each year. Your affiliate will need to provide a document that indicates all signature programs that have been or will be offered in 2014 as well as any anticipated programs for 2015 with the following information:

  • Dates and times of programs
  • Facilitators/teachers and their contact information
  • Location

NAMI signature programs include the following:

  • Basics
  • Connection
  • Ending the Silence
  • Family-to-Family
  • Family Support Group
  • In Our Own Voice
  • Parents and Teachers as Allies
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Provider Education

Programs – Other Programs – Materials, Promotions

If your affiliate offers programs in addition to NAMI Signature programs (ex. CIP or CIT), you will need to provide a list of these programs that includes the following:

  • Dates and times of programs
  • Facilitators/teachers and their contact information
  • Location
  • Anything scheduled for this upcoming year

For each program, you should provide any supporting materials (such as program descriptions, advertisements, brochures, hand-outs, evaluations, etc.) you have for the program.

Note: All affiliate-based programs should be in alignment with the mission of support, education, and/or advocacy of NAMI and NAMI Wisconsin.

Membership – Application – Print & Electronic

A “member” should be defined as “someone who accepts NAMI’s mission and pays dues in accordance with NAMI’s policies.” Membership options and standardized dues set by NAMI include the following:

  • Regular ($35)
  • Open Door ($3)

Membership applications should include the following information:

  • Information regarding membership benefits
  • A statement indicating they are members at all three levels: the affiliate, NAMI Wisconsin and NAMI
  • Opt-out options for members to self-select the information and correspondences they wish to receive
  • Opt-out option for voluntary demographic information

For paper forms including brochures with membership applications attached, upload the form(s) directly to the profile center.

If you use an electronic membership form, please take a screen capture (see below for instructions), paste it into a Microsoft Word or other editable document type and upload it to the Profile Center.

Screenshots 101

To Take A Screenshot Using a PC:

Press the Print Screen key [PrtScn] and paste the image into an editing program, such as Microsoft Paint or Word. Please note that when you press Print Screen, you will not see anything come up, but if you go into a program and either press Control + V or right-click and select Paste, you will see the image appear.

To Take a Screenshot Using a Mac:

Hold down Shift + Command and press the “4” number key. Drag across the screen to specify parameters. As you release the mouse button, the image will appear on the desktop.